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It can’t be said enough: A picture is worth a thousand words. In a world where we get bombarded with social media, we need to be able to stand out in the crowd. A Facebook post, a Tweet, an Instagram… all of these benefit greatly when they have images that pop. Enter FotoJet.

Whether you’re creating a new Facebook page from scratch, have a huge amount of Twitter followers, or need a change of pace on your Tumblr feed, FotoJet has the ability to create amazing covers and photographic social media posts quickly and easily.

After a quick and free signup through Facebook, you can get started designing. You can choose from a large array of pre-designed templates, or start with a blank canvas. Because you sign up through Facebook, you’ll have instant access to all your photos there, or upload your own from your computer. FotoJet is also hooked into Pixabay, so if you don’t have the right photo for your social media cover, just search from over a half million photos by keyword.

How it works

As an example of ease of use, I’m going to do a step-by-step of setting up a Facebook Cover to show you. Let’s design one for a plumbing company. I search through Pixabay and find what I’m looking for:

plumbing photo zingmap

I then peruse the templates. There’s a nice variety of well thought out designs. Some of these have a crown icon, which only means you have to register for the site (again, for free) to access them. If you logged in with Facebook, you’re golden. Once I find what I’m after, I just click and it’s all loaded:


Then you simply drag and drop your photo from the library into the photo area to replace the template photo:

drag and drop

Editing text is almost easy. For starters, the text containers are usually larger than the actual text, so selecting the correct text layer can be tricky. Further, when editing text, you might be like me and want to click on a letter and then try to select all of the text with a key combination. That will make it so you select everything on the page:

selecting text to edit

It takes a little experimentation and trial and error. The same goes for modifying the text’s typeface and font sizes. If you just click on the word, FotoJet thinks you’re editing the text most of the time. You want to make it so you see the editing menu icons:

editing fonts

Once the text is all adjusted, I can save the result or post directly to the social media outlet I’d like. Here’s the end result:

Joe's Plumbing

FotoJet Speed

Uninterrupted, this would have taken me all of five minutes. I could have done this in Photoshop or Illustrator, but if I want to do something really quickly and have it look nice and sharp, FotoJet is a great social media companion. The quality of layouts and speed at which I can churn these kinds of things out really make FotoJet a great asset and I actually use this with many of my clients.

But FotoJet is not solely about online publishing. There’s a lot of great poster ideas for a variety of occasions: shows, concerts, general advertising, parties… And it looks like they’re adding new designs on a regular basis.


All of the aforementioned features were based on the “Design” tab. But the “Collage” tab is all about being creative with the vast photo libraries many of us have amassed on Facebook. The creative collages have a huge amount of layouts allowing beginner designers to really have fun with their photos, while at the same time letting the more experienced designer get some ideal starting points.

In my time playing with and using FotoJet, I’ve most often found that the predefined templates, plus a little creativity on my part, have yielded some great results in record time. The seasoned blogger, Facebook poster, or Twitter user will find a great deal of usefulness from FotoJet.