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Managed WordPress Hosting

Services included:

• Two hours of content edits* per month

• Free migration and DNS management

• Weekly plugin and theme updates

• SSL and Caching

• Security monitor & Malware removal

Bulk Hosting: $60 /mo

Bulk hosting including all of the standard ZingMap services.

Cloud Hosting: $100 /mo

The same services and security as Bulk Hosting, with auto-scaling and CDN for an even faster website.


Weekly maintenance

Every Monday your website will be updated, including WordPress core, themes, and plugins.


2 Hours of Content Edits*

Just email us any changes you’d like to make. You get 2 hours of free content edits every month, performed by our team.

Enhanced Security

Your site will be guarded by a firewall and scanned daily for threats and vulnerable plugins.
Free malware removal included.

Optimized WordPress Hosting

Our hosting is specifically optimized for WordPress and won’t work with any other platform.

Advanced Features

Excellent performance through automatic server-level caching, website emails delivered through SendGrid and Cloudflare integration.

Free Migration & Setup

We’ll transfer your website to our servers and configure the domain for you, at no extra charge.

Technical Limitations

Up to 25,000 visits/month, 5GB disk space, and 50GB bandwidth/month.

If exceeded, we’ll offer you to move to a custom solution, or suggest optimizations for your website. You will never be charged an overage fee.

Why not unlimited?

It’s true that many hosts offer unlimited space, storage and bandwidth. With these hosts, you’re website is probably sharing resources with other websites, which can slow down your own website. Or your usage is actually determined by a fine print “fair use policy” which includes overage fees.

At ZingMap, we’re transparent about our limitations.

* What is a “Content Edit”?

A “content edit” is defined as changes ZingMap can update on your website through the WordPress dashboard, excluding original copywriting, coding and design work. Content Edits may be declined at ZingMap’s discretion if we think the changes are too advanced or go beyond simple feature changes.

Examples include:

1) Adding a new blog post that you email us the copy for.
2) Changing the font that your theme uses.
3) Installing a new plugin that you provide.


Your website isn’t hosted out of our garage! Instead, we trust Flywheel to host your website on the Google Cloud platform. Flywheel offers excellent features, a solid hosting platform, and amazing support.