Priority Support

ZingMap customers receive 30 minutes of priority support every month at no charge.
Additional requests will require an approved estimate.

What is Priority Support?

Priority Support provided by ZingMap is a service to perform updates, maintenance, and fix problems for your website. Particularly when you need small or urgent changes.

What if I exceed my free time for the month?

As an existing customer your 30 minutes of free time is automatically applied for any request submitted using the Priority Support Request Form. The time is counted when changes are made to your website, not when your request is submitted.

If you exceed the 30 minute limit, we will hold on any changes until you approve additional time or wait until the next month. You have the option to pre-approve additional time in order to avoid delays if you expect a change to take longer.

Other Benefits

The following items are not billable and will not use up your 30 minute time:

  • Server and hosting management including: Setting up SSL, clearing caches, restoring backups, and other items at ZingMap’s discretion.
  • Migrating website to ZingMap’s hosting system
  • Plugin updates, security monitoring, and other standard items included with your hosting package.


The following services are not eligible for priority support. These items are always billable and are processed through the standard project queue:

  • Advanced programming / Custom plugin development
  • Graphic Design services
  • Writing services
  • Social media management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing services
  • Any work with third party services such as Mailchimp, Facebook, Cloudflare, etc.