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Social Media IdeasYou can find just about anything on the internet nowadays. Search engines are great at finding the end-user the content they’ve been hunting for. But what if you’re trying to get found by that user? If you’re trying to get your website found, maximizing organic content (like blog posts) will get you rewarded by the big search engines. You’re equally likely to get found through your social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the best places to engage your audience, but you have to constantly create new and inviting content. Otherwise your audience will go elsewhere to get what they want. These simple social media content ideas can help you a lot:

  1. Improve your social media analytics – There are a lot of tools to help tell you how well your social media is performing. Tracking “likes” “retweets” “shares” and such tells you when you’ve hit a nerve with your audience. Once you touch that nerve, capitalize on it. If you publish a “Call To Action” and it doesn’t gain traction, try to word it differently, or change the call more drastically. Your analytics will keep you on your toes and help you improve your content so your audience will be more engaged and happy. There are a number of tools out there to help you keep a bead on your analytics—and here’s a list of some free ones to get you started!
  2. Ask questions that can provoke your reader to think – Another way to spice up your social media blasts is to include a question that can provoke readers to think and become interested in your content. You should consider questions that are related to your audience and not just general questions. This will make the content appealing, interesting and relatable.
  3. Include video, text and images – Making your content diverse will make readers more interested. Videos, charts, photographs and infographics across your content all make for great engagement. However, you should first determine which strategy would work best on your website. And always be sure to be original. Never repost copyrighted video or photos without the creators explicit permission!
  4. Gather opinions and feedback – Another way of spicing up your social media content is by gathering opinions and feedback from your followers and fans. In order to encourage your readers to interact with you, your content shouldn’t be pushing them away. By posing questions, you can easily gather opinions and feedback and you’ll know what your target audience needs.
  5. Be accessible and human – It’s important to maintain your reputation, but it’s also important to make your social media content human and accessible. This means that you can liven up your content by integrating some personal information. You can do it by talking about events or happenings that you’re attending. It’s easier to build trust by making your content human and accessible. Making your content fun and light is impactful—much more than posting more informative content regularly.
  6. Always engaging – The last but not the least way to spice up your social media content is to never stop engaging, so that people will also interact with you. You should respond on your social media to stay connected with your readers or audience.

You could also consider hiring a professional website designer or talk to us at ZingMap about some content strategies that will work for you. There’s no need to suffer the consequences of stale website content because there are many ways to liven it up. Why not try these ideas and spice up your social media content?