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Mobile Responsive WebsitesIt seems like everyone has a mobile phone these days and they are used for just about everything under the sun. With just the touch of a screen, people are able to shop online, share photos, and even find the best restaurant in the area. However, there is so much more to phones than just shopping on the internet. People are using their smartphones to search the web with greater frequency than on a laptop or desktop. If a website isn’t responsive, it will be very difficult to read by most on a mobile device—and if a site isn’t considered “mobile friendly” by Google, its search ranking is demoted. As a result, there has been an increase in popularity of websites changing their formats to suit tablets, smart phones, laptops and desktops as of 2014.

With a new format, websites are now able to use one layout that works for whichever way you’re choosing to view it, whether that be laptop or smartphone and so forth. So let’s get down to talking about the top five best mobile responsive sites out there as of right now. Some amazing examples of mobile responsive websites include:


The site has been reported as functioning at higher speeds and is easy to use and access. Important information such as the phone number is highlighted in a noticeable color to make contact with the company easier and more efficient.


This mobile site has been showcased due to it being easy to use. They use visual aids to make representation of stock availability clear and concise and give a clear description of what the watch features, as well as an easy to access check out screen. If that doesn’t draw you in, maybe the ease of access in which the site loads smoothly and quickly will.


Another smooth and easy to navigate clothing website. The navigation screen is easy to maneuver through and highly detailed pictures allow shoppers to see exactly what they’re buying.


Much like the other sites we came across, this one takes an award for its speed and efficiency. Clearly labeled navigational buttons allow users to scan through products and view sales and specials with clear and attractive details.

Huffington Post

With many people who read the Huffington post, they allow mobile users to easily read through articles with an appropriate sized font, along with the social media share buttons. Page loads are fast and the site is clean and runs smoothly.

The easiest way to go about making a mobile response site is making sure you have a framework which is already mobile-friendly, such as WordPress. It’s all about making a clear and easy to use layout that is uncluttered and easily viewable from a mobile device. This all varies depending on how many resources you’re willing to invest. Building a website that is easy to use and mobile friendly is simpler than ever. The object is to provide clear information, but in a manner that would neither cause the website to slow your device down, nor make it run ineffectively when viewed from your smartphone.