About ZingMap

Located in Veneta, Oregon, ZingMap is a dedicated WordPress agency committed to transforming digital landscapes for small businesses, creative entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations.

At ZingMap, we do more than just design websites; we bring them to life. Our services range from programming custom themes to installing essential plugins and setting up robust e-commerce systems. While design is part of our repertoire, our strength lies in the technical execution and strategic implementation of complex functionalities tailored to modernize and elevate your online presence.

ZingMap has been behind the scenes of several high-traffic websites, maintaining smooth operations and continuous innovation. One such project involved the creation of dozens of custom plugins over five years, with few technical issues, demonstrating our commitment to scalable and sustainable digital solutions.

We understand the importance of clear communication and efficient service. Our client interactions are conducted through Zoom meetings, complemented by screen recordings and custom tutorial videos that help clients navigate their new systems at their own pace. For ongoing support, we maintain active communication channels via email, ensuring help is always just a message away.

In addition to our development services, we offer comprehensive maintenance and web hosting solutions, allowing us to manage all aspects of a website’s lifecycle under one roof. While we do not directly provide marketing or SEO services, we seamlessly collaborate with your chosen teams to support those efforts.

Radley Sustaire

Hello! I’m Radley, the proud owner of ZingMap. My journey into web development began over 18 years ago while still in high school.

Early in my career, I discovered WordPress—a platform that perfectly blended ease of use for clients with robust development capabilities, setting the stage for my future specialization.

My expertise extends across a broad range of development and design tools. I utilize PHPStorm with GitHub Copilot for code generation, enhancing my productivity through AI-driven suggestions. For design, I turn to Figma, which allows for precision akin to live web environments, and Photoshop and Inkscape for their powerful graphic capabilities.

One of my proudest achievements was developing an automated itinerary system for a travel company. This system transformed days of manual PDF creation into a streamlined process of minutes, allowing the company to efficiently reuse content across various documents and provide customers with both digital and printable itineraries through an accessible online dashboard.

At ZingMap, I am passionate about ensuring that every website not only launches successfully but also continues to operate flawlessly. I specialize in maintaining sites, swiftly addressing any issues that arise—often due to third-party plugin updates—to keep everything running smoothly.

Outside of work, I’m an avid artist and adventurer. Whether I’m painting cityscapes with acrylics, landscapes with oils, or cartoons with gouache, creativity is a constant. My leisure time might find me cycling through Oregon’s scenic routes or delving into epic Dungeons & Dragons adventures, like the time I hilariously scrambled to cast a “slow fall” spell while plummeting from an evil wizard’s tower.

From starting with a New York client base inherited from a retiring web host to building a strong local presence in Eugene, Oregon, my work has spanned continents, including past projects in Australia and Europe. At ZingMap, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional digital experiences, no matter where you are.