Radley rescued SPOT’s sorely neglected and out of date website and transformed it into a wonderful new public face in an amazingly short time! He added video, streamlined every section of the site and added a much needed on-line application option for our clients. His excellent suggestions and creative genius throughout the site have increased our traffic and accessibility tremendously. He is extremely professional and pleasant to work with (really listening carefully and patiently explaining all the steps he was taking to our team of non-techies). We will definitely use his services again and would highly recommend his technical talent and business acumen!

Joey Curtin

Stop Pet Overpopulation Today

I worked with Radley for about five years in the agency world. In a very short amount of time, Radley grew into a brilliant developer and became our agency’s lead developer. He and I worked in-tandem on dozens of websites over the years. He has qualities that are vital to successful programming. Firstly, he takes great personal pride in his work. His personal expectations of quality exceed that of those around him, and that makes his work superb. Radley is also a creative problem solver. We often joked that “if a client can dream it, Radley can build it”. And finally, Radley’s greatest luxury is his ability to articulate complex concepts both in “programmer-speak”, and layman’s terms. I’ve had Radley write summaries for clients, where his layman’s term verbiage is so eloquent that I just copy and paste it to my client. For those of you familiar with web developers, you know this is extremely rare. He’s the ultimate 5-tool player, and you should certainly hire him.

Zack P.

Radley took my ideas and ran with them — the end result is a solution that does more than I originally planned and I couldn’t be more thrilled! He was prompt in replying to my messages and I was provided with detailed updates along the way. If you’re looking for a developer, Radley really knows his stuff. Stop scrolling and send him a message now, you won’t regret it. Thank you Radley!

Jamie Stephens

Brantford Experts

Radley is an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s professional, organized, and efficient. The thing I looked most about working with him is his communication. He explains things thoroughly and succinctly. He’s an all-around outstanding contractor.

Jeff H.

ZingMap is a great patient teacher and helped me navigate WordPress for the first time. They certainly have a first rate WordPress web designer and tech guru. I would highly recommend ZingMap when considering building or redesigning a website, especially for a non profit or small business.
Howard Stein

Business Advisor, SBDC

ZingMap is that rare company that has the ability to make the website that you’re imagining come to life. They also have the ability to make it functional. They do this with incredible speed and efficiency. They’re an indispensable part of our team!! Use their services… you won’t regret it !!
Max Gaujean

Managing Partner, BGGP Law

I have experienced first hand ZingMap’s professionalism with digital media. ZingMap has designed and published newsletters for our networking group as well as developed a very engaging web site. They are very helpful with all of the businesses in our group and have offered us suggestions on our digital marketing. I know they have done a number of web sites for our members and they are very eye catching, mobile friendly, and engaging. I would definitely recommend ZingMap for anyone who wants to improve their digital marketing and digital presence.
Grant Schneider

Performance Development Strategies

ZingMap did an amazing job with Playhouse Creatures Theatre’s website. We love the look of it and when it was complete, they walked us through it step by step. ZingMap made the once daunting task of updating our website a reality. It is user friendly and we had a great experience working with ZingMap. We would highly recommend their services!
Meagan O'Leary

Playhouse Creatures